This page will be updated with links to all homeworks, labs, lecture notebooks, etc. once they become available.

Reference Sheet

The reference sheet is a helpful resource to keep available when doing assignments. You'll also be able to use it during exams.


# Topic Due
1 Basic Python Lab Notebook Friday, Oct 09 at 23:59:59
2 Arrays and Tables Lab Notebook Friday, Oct 16 at 23:59:59
3 Functions and Visualization Lab Notebook Friday, Oct 23 at 23:59:59


# Topic Due
1 basic python, causality Homework Notebook Monday, Oct 12 at 23:59:59
2 Tables and Arrays Homework Notebook Monday, Oct 19 at 23:59:59
3 Functions and Histograms Homework Notebook Monday, Oct 26 at 23:59:59

Lecture Notebooks

# Date Topic
1 Thursday, Oct 01 Introduction Clean Notebook Filled Notebook
2 Tuesday, Oct 06 Basic Python and Jupyter Notebooks Clean Notebook Filled Notebook
3 Thursday, Oct 08 Arrays and Tables Clean Notebook Filled Notebook
4 Tuesday, Oct 13 Queries and GroupBy Clean Notebook Filled Notebook
5 Thursday, Oct 15 Visualization Clean Notebook Filled Notebook
6 Tuesday, Oct 20 Overlaid Plots, Functions, Apply Clean Notebook Filled Notebook
7 Thursday, Oct 22 Multiple GroupBy, Merge, Conditionals, Iteration Clean Notebook Filled Notebook

Discussion Notebooks

# Date Topic
1 Tuesday, Oct 06 Basic Python Clean Notebook Solution Notebook Not yet posted...
2 Tuesday, Oct 13 tables, arrays Clean Notebook Solution Notebook Luke's Notebook
3 Tuesday, Oct 20 functions, apply, plotting Clean Notebook - Luke's Notebook